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Last updated: August 10, 2019

The word “Humanising” is a single word but meaningful. I think, humanize/humanise mean to make something more enjoyable, more suitable and or accessible for people. We should treat each other fairly no matter where he/she comes from, no matter what their status is, they all deserve the same treatment to everywhere they go. For example, some people live in rural area, are less accessible to school/education system. It doesn’t mean they want it but they just born with less opportunity. For the betterment of the world we live in, individual should cling to humanising culture by sharing thing and love as much as we possibly can by forming a group of common interest people to create knowledge sharing project to those vulnerable community; because humanising, kindness, and compassion to those who needed is one simple kind of interaction that could change someone’s life and it could save someone’s life as well. For this opportunity, I would love to share my organization’s mission ” Humansing financial services” which inspire us to service our customer from heart by providing people


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