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Last updated: April 10, 2019

The wit of Tenali Raman                              –   Devika rangachari              The wit of Tenali Raman is a collection of stories about Tenali Raman, from his childhood to when he was in the court of Krishnadevaraya. After the loss of his father, Raman and his mother moved in with Raman’s uncle in their native of Tenali. This was how he came to be known as Raman of Tenali, or Tenali Raman.            Tenali Raman was known to be very intelligent child. Despite the lack of the formal education, his thirst for knowledge kept him going.

He learnt as much as he could, but despite the passing of time,his mischievous streak was not to be contained.             This book illustrates tales from Raman’s childhood, how he prayed to the goddess Kali and got her blessings. Tales from his time at the court of krishnadevaraya, and how he grew to be one of the Ashtadiggajas or one of the eight poets of the court.             The book shows how Tenali Raman would just observe and apply his knowledge intelligently to impress others around him. There are plenty of Tales of his wit that can be found,the book covers but a few.              The best parts of growing up in India are the books. The tales of Krishna and Rama are common,but Jataka tales,panchatantra,birbal and Tenali Raman are favourites.               If you feel like reading something fun and light then I recommend this book.

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