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Last updated: January 22, 2020

The Vietnam War brought many changes to society in that it soon became one of the
most controversial wars in United States history. There was a tremendous loss of life as well as a
rift in the nation with the rise of anti-war protest. Those drafted for the war came primarily from
low-income and ethnic minority communities. While all who served deserve to be recognized,
there is one group that has gone largely unrepresented in the history of the war. Mexican
American servicemen served and died in large numbers when compared to their population. In
addition, they also received high honors for their valor in the battlefield. Yet, the history of the
war has been largely focused on the experience of the Anglo and Black soldier. This is due in
part to the existing black-white paradigm of race that exists in United States society, which
places all other ethnic minority groups in the margins of major historical events. There were also
the biased Selective Service Boards that contributed to the already existing race and class
discrimination present among the elite class in society


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