The Vehicle Unit is under the governance of the Student Affairs Division responsible for providing specialized transportation facilities to students and staff. The services provided are in line with the policy services which are to provide services and provide the best facilities and create a conducive learning environment to produce competitive graduates.

At the beginning, unit of vehicle have four types of vehicles such as bus for student activities, van cooperative, bus for student to go to the city and bus for student woodtech. In the unit of vehicle, there are workers that carry out their respective duties. The purpose of the maintenance is to ensure the vehicle is always in good condition for the safety of the passengers. For example, inspection of the brake system and lubricating oil inspection. Every vehicle will be broken and the problem can be repaired by the employee. In department, there are two or three people that expert in repairing vehicles. If the transportation cannot be repaired by the worker, then it will be send to workshop. Every driver must know how to repair the vehicle in case the vehicle suddenly broken at the road. In the vehicles, they must have tools, cone and car jumper. They have specific place for the worker to repair the vehicle that broken.

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In addition, the duties of the department is scheduling a vehicle trip. Every vehicle has a travel schedule so that everything goes smoothly. The purpose of scheduling vehicle trips is to ensure efficient and orderly bus services. Moreover, the purpose of the itinerary is to facilitate students to easily find out when the vehicle start operating and ends. It also give facilities to student when student loss of goods and it can know who drive at the time and call the driver. Student can call the driver when need a transport to go back to the university. Students are advised to have a discussion with the vehicle unit before setting the date of the program to be held

Besides, other duties that department do is managing driver’s schedule of tasks. The purpose of the managing driver’s schedule is to ensuring the bus service is not interrupted. The driver works on a predetermined turn. It can make sure that drivers are powered on duty and have enough rest.


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