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Last updated: January 22, 2019

The VARK is a guide to learning style which was first introduced by Neil Fleming in 1987. VARK stands for visual, aural, read /write, kinesthetic. It is a questionnaire of 16 question which provides person different learning styles. Since everyone has a different learning style, VARK helps providing a learning strategy based upon someone’s preferences.

It helps understand different learning styles and helps them to get required information. Multimodal learners tend to use different learning modes or a combination of a couple, based on what is being learned, to really learn the information (Multimodal Strategies, 2015).SummaryAs per the VARK questionnaire, results showed read/write is the first preferred method with score 9 followed by second preferred method Kinesthetic with score of 6. The aural method got the score of 5 and the visual method got score 2. From this summary it concluded that understanding the preferred learning style Comparison of Preferred Learning Strategies to the Identified strategiesThe read/write is the preferred learning style and scored the highest.

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This method is the strong preference for most of the teachers and students. People who like this learning method will take exhaustive and good notes, use dictionary, read information from books and pamphlets. They need quite environment to study and preferred teachers who provides more information about the topic. These learners enjoy power point, diaries, quotations and worlds. This method highlights the text – based contributions and productions including composing text, reports, exercises and compositions. A good example of this learning style is nurse when learns how to administer a peg tube feeding will read information on text book and make a bullet points of necessary information required. The second preferred method of learning is Kinesthetic. The learners in this method learns best when they are physically involved.

In this method, learner does not listen to a lecture but grasp the understanding by using the hands and body. People who prefer this method of learning are actually connected to the real life. It includes confirmation, validation and imitation of situation or process. If it can be comprehended, it will be incorporated. In this method of learning, people will use their own past understanding, background and knowledge instead of using other people experiences. This method is the best method to grasp the knowledge for any future activity or performance.

In this method actual experiences from the past are applied to accomplish the job. When physical movement is used, the results are better to absorb any material. Being able to provide movement to learning provides better chance to conserve and understand the matter.The other method of learning is visual method where the learner must watch the stuff to acquire understanding of the stuff. The visual statement includes flow chart, graph tables, plots, records, power points etc. In this instance learner acquire learning drawings in the form of slides to acquire the essential knowledge. The VARK questionnaire suggested scoring in visual study is higher because the learner learns the matter fast and rapidly and preserve the knowledge for longer period of time as visual presentation is provided in this case.

If there is no visual display of the matter, learner can easily reduce the integration of the material. When both aural and visible information is present, the outcome of study are much preferable.The final learning method in VARK questionnaire is aural method where learner pay attention to the information. At the time the information is perceived, learner need to pay close attention as what was considered to fully comprehend the stuff. The learner conserve the information by paying observation to what was debated. In this technique, students often discuss about proposals, reiterate about what was already discussed in their way and inquire about questions.

For Aural, learning style includes listening tapes, learns well via lecture, enjoys playing dialogues, drama and enjoy music. An example can be listening to the lecture on new electronic patient charting system introduce to the facility, recording it and remembering by listening again and again. Learning Styles Influence on Teaching and LearningThe awareness of the different learning style uses make it easy for the teacher to include them in their teaching style. In order to help student learn more effectively, teacher apply these learning style in their teaching strategies so students can succeed in their learning. Teachers need to teach as many preferences as possible to help identify and matching each student learning style for difficult task and strength their weakness through selected learning strategies like different books, slides and reading material.

The knowledge of the different learning styles help student gives student preferences how they can learn fast and best. If the person is aware of its own learning style, they will be more vigilant learner to become more successful in their education.The purpose of using VARK is the best way to student to learn more effectively and teacher to teach more efficiently. The VARK questionaries’ is the important toll which suggest the style to learn. To understand and explore owns learning style will help to improve overall learning results References


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