The United States had made many changes in the years of 1776 and 1870 for many reasons. One reason is that the changes all started because of the declaration of independence. The second reason is that there was a drastic change in population. The third reason is that there was new innovations made. For all these reason the years 1776 and 1870 had many changes.

The first reason that the years 1776 and 1870 were very different with a lot of changes is that it all started with the Declaration of Independence. This led for the United States to fight for our freedom. During this period in time the constitution was ratified and factories were advancing, many machines were being invented, and cities were industrializing. Woman were being noticed and were playing a bigger role the they were back then. Woman were not staying home and cleaning up the house anymore, they were allowed to do bigger things than just stay home and clean. The constitution was also being ratified around this time.

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