Topic: EconomicsHousing

Last updated: April 4, 2019

The United States and Sweden both subscribe to the social model of disability, as both countries seek to help individuals living with disabilities by changing the environment, this is evident by the polices and anti-discrimination legislation they have passed and enacted in their respective countries. In addition to the advocacy led initiatives promoting and addressing the social, environmental, and cultural limitations placed on individuals with disabilities by society, there are advocacy initiatives led by volunteers who seek positive change for people living with disabilities, by ensuring that individuals have proper accommodations and resources.

Through a variety of collective initiatives both countries have made significant strides in providing disabled individuals with life changing improvements by providing access to employment, access and the necessary resources to ensure all disabled individuals are able to receive a proper education, as well as providing proper accommodations in public housing, transportation, and all places open to the general public. One key area that Sweden has placed emphasis on is the use of IT; which is an outlined focus in their country’s disability policy

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