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Last updated: June 23, 2019

The truth of that matter is that many businesses do not see the benefits of IPv6 as a reason
to incorporate an aggressive implementation of the protocol. As many issues with IPv4 can be
solved without switching. Such as the problem with NAT I described previously. As described
before the problem of NAT traversal is if two hosts attempt to communicate, and cannot
determine the internal host, connectivity failure begins to occur. To resolve this, every TCP or
UDP packet contains the source and destination IP address as well as the port number, forming a
socket. This paired socket allows your router to identify which private IP address on your
network should receive incoming packets. Furthermore, Port Address Translation (PAT) settles
even more problems by resolving conflicts that, “… arise through two different hosts using the
same source port number to establish unique connections at the same time” (“Network address
translation,”Wikipedia). However, other issues can still occur such as double NAT, but is
miniscule and not a major enough problem to provoke rapid conversions to IPv6. Instead, the
implementation of IPv6 is a gradual process.


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