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Last updated: January 29, 2019

The transpersonal caring relationship describes how the nurses go beyond an objective assessment, showing concerns toward the persons subjective and deeper meaning regarding their own health care situation that generates a change in the energetic environment of the nurse and the patient. This allows for a relationship between the souls of the individuals and because of this reliable relationship, ideal caring and healing can take place (Watson, 1985). Here the caregiver or nurses are mindful of his/her aim and do care that is coming from the heart. When intentionality is attentive and provides care from the heart, a hidden energetic field can change and promote an environment for healing.

When a nurse is more cognisant of his or her self and environment, he or she performs from a place of love with every caring moment. In this context, the four important concepts of nursing – person, environment, health, and nursing – are included in the theory. For example, a patient admitted in ICU with the diagnosis of terminal disease and in coma stage. Here the application of Jean Watson’s theory requires me not only to care for the patient but also his/her family holistically.

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Here I must build a humanistic-altruistic value system which is the core of Watson’s theory. And I should deal with his/her loved ones as real people who have real needs that need to be addressed. Caring moments are any moments in which a nurse has collaboration with a patient or family by using the carative factors or the caritas process. To have a caring moment participation of the nurse and the patient is necessary. Practice-based on the carative factors presents a chance for both the nurse and patient to involve in a transpersonal caring moment that aids the mind, body, and soul of each person. The caring/healing modalities are practices that improve the skill of the care provider to occupy in the transpersonal relationship and caring moments. Caring/healing exercises can be as simple as centering, being alert to touch or the communication of specific knowledge.


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