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Last updated: March 19, 2019

The translation and pilot testingThe questions were translated into Hindi using Usunier’s ‘Parallel Translation’ (Saunders et al., 2007, p385) to ensure the best match between the original English version and the Hindi version and was further reviewed by a newspaper editor to confirm the lexical and experiential meanings in the translated version (Appendix D). Furthermore, a bilingual format, containing both Hindi and English, was finalised to eliminate the possibility of any ambiguity.The bilingual questions were then used for pilot test (Flynn et al., 1990) in the indian context to ensure the validity and the reliability of the data to be collected (Saunders et al.

, 2007). The questions were administered to 10 shop floor workers from Comp-1 in March 2017 to uncover the points where improvement was needed. Since the questionnaire was sourced from pre- tested constructs, the content validity and reliability had already been established by previous research. In compliance of Bell (2010), the pilot testing was intended to elicit feedback concerning the following factors: (1) the time required to complete the questionnaire; (2) the clarity of instructions; (3) clarity or ambiguity, if any, in the questions (4) in case of any ambiguity. identifying the questions in which the respondent felt confusion int answering; (5) identifying any major omission or repetition on ant topic; and (6) clarity about the layout of the questionnaire.

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All 10 responses were received, and no serious problems could be traced in completing the questionnaire.


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