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Last updated: December 14, 2019

The three basic Sociological Perspectives are Structural Functional, Symbolic-Interaction, and Social Conflict. The Structural Functional perspective explains that domestic violence results from the learning institution and the nuclear family fails to properly perform its roles. The structural functional theory also suggests that domestic violence occurs when women strive to occupy influential roles that are meant for men. The main victims of domestic violence are women because men seek for an alternative through violence when they cannot dominate the instrumental roles in the society. It also describes how society is often in a constant state of balance and preserves in that condition through the functions of the society. Men are supposed to hold certain positions within the society whereas women are expected to occupy expressive roles. This works well to the benefit of the entire society. The nuclear family is a positive organization that is valuable to the entire society that educates the children about acceptable behavior, acceptable values, economic support such as financial assistance and provides food and shelter to every family member (American Psychological Association, 2010). When these functions are not executed, domestic violence arises. Additionally, people are most likely to become the result of the social controls upon them, their relations, acquaintances, educational surroundings and their contact with the media (Wolitzky-Taylor et al., 2008). The family depends on the school institutions to assist children to grow and have good professions so that they may also raise and maintain their own families in future. Consequently, the children turn out to be law-abiding, respectable and taxpayers who later support the society (Lehrner & Allen, 2008). When the school fails to offer basic education for the children, they fail to understand the morals of the family and therefore commit domestic violence. Additionally, when the nuclear family fails to train children and to provide financial support, domestic violence arises. This is because the family will not be at peace and there will also be pressure to get the missing items and hence resulting to domestic violence (Wolitzky-Taylor et al., 2008).


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