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Last updated: March 21, 2019

The techniques are identical. The only major difference is that in a laboratory carrying out a large number of essentially identical routine titration analyses the process is usually automated or simplified.

This is particularly so for the calculations where the titration volume is entered into an Excel spreadsheet and the answer is returned immediately. There is no need to carry out any calculations. In addition the burette is automatically refilled and zeroed after each titration.

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The sample volume can be dispensed via an automated pipette system. Another difference is that the equipments. The type of titration equipment needed depends on the type of titration being done. While all titrations in industry needs some basic equipment, such as reagents, burettes, pipettes, volumetric flasks, and stirrers, some titration equipment is specific to the kind of titration being performed such as, automatic titrator, Karl Fischer titrator, potentiometric titrator, thermometric titrator. In a school laboratory we just need the basic equipments.


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