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Last updated: March 24, 2019

The sun rose forth from the horizon showcasing its vibrant yellow light, and passionate colours fill the air. The ocean glimmers in the sunlight, the water sparkles a deep blue, rippling slightly in the gentle breeze. The crystal water stretches out to the horizon, getting deeper but still staying calm as ever.

Walking on land of yellowish-gold, the sand being soft and grainy, prickles my feet. The rustling of the leaves on many palm trees, the distant cry of a gull, alluring me. I see a little crab come out of the ground it scurries across the sand as fast as lightning it stops in front of me and snaps its pincers before scurrying away. Suddenly i hear sloshes of wet sand and the crackling of eggs. Hundreds of baby turtles scamper along towards the beach awaiting to be picked off by hungry seagulls. A gull glides down onto the beach pecking at the turtles who try to evade them, only some of them make it. I stroll along the arcane blue water, the water cascading gently onto my feet. The water was cool to my touch, i dive right in and immediately taste the salty water.

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My vision is blurry, but i see the shapes of little fish scurrying away from me. I stick my head out the water my eyes stinging as i try to look at my surroundings. As i lay down on my chair i absorb the powerful rays of the scorching summer sun. Sounds of joy and laughter fill the air, people start swarming in around me. Parents with their children, couples young and old and the barks of many dogs.

Suddenly the smell of aromatic food fills my nostrils. The shops are open along the coastline alluring people towards them. The sounds of motor boats fill the air a group of tourists on boats skid across the open ocean, bumping up and down, screams of of laughter. The water spraying in all directions and the occasional person falls off screaming in delight.

In the distance a Cruise Ship honks as it passes by. The woosh of a helicopter as it zips towards the horizon, possibly towards an oceanic platform. Suddenly a flurry of noises grabs my attention, two kids run toward the water laughing like anything they splash water at each other and tug each other underwater. Their parents lure them back to the beach by building a sand castle, the children join in with shovels and pails they get to work. It has moat that goes around the castle and a walls made of breadsticks. The castle is about a foot high with domes and towers. One of the kids snuck up behind the castle and knocked it down to the family’s surprise, and they all burst into laughter. A kid with a kite flew by tugging on his kite with all his might but to no prevail the wind was stronger and pulled the kite out of his grasp.

The boy cried out, just then an old lady came over to him to comfort him gave him a new kite. The boy once again let out his brand new kite grinning from ear to ear as he played with it. Just then, i heard a few screams, my eyes averted to the commotion i saw a group of girls hand-in-hand running towards and from the shore. They were trying to evade being wet and were screaming in delight. They were collecting a variety of sea shells, however a creature came out of one of the shells and pinched a girl on her finger, which made her cry out in the top of her lungs.

Her friends helped her, and even the lifeguard came to help. After all that a group of people came along and picked up all the trash in the beach, they were also informing people about how they are to keep the beach clean, how it will keep all wildlife in the ocean safe. As the day went on i hadn’t even realised that time had gone by the sun was setting and the people started to leave.


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