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Last updated: June 10, 2019

The study titled “Partnership in Human Resources Function by Udai Pareek defines Human Resource in detail. According to him Human Resource facilitates for the effectiveness of all humans in the organization. He says that HRD is the combination of different partners and these partners have different objectives to perform in an organization. Top management, Line Management, Personnel or HRM, Industrial Relations and HRM are those five partners to HRD.

For an effective functioning of any system the influence of its sub-system are very important. The researcher here delineates the functions of eleven subsystems to HRD. Human Resource (or Manpower) Planning, Recruitment, Compensation, Placement, Work Planning, Promotion, Career Planning, Development and Training, Reward System, Self-Renewal System and Facilitation and Establishment are those sub-systems. All these sub-systems are explained within the five partners of HRD.The article titled “Human resource bundles and manufacturing performance: organizational logic and flexible production systems in the world auto industry” by John Paul Macduffie tests two hypotheses. Innovative HR practices affect performance not individually but as interrelated elements in an internally consistent HR system and these HR bundles contribute most to assembly plant productivity and quality when they are integrated with manufacturing policies under the organizational logic of a flexible production system.

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Flexible production plants with team-based work systems, high-commitment HR practices, and low inventory and repair buffers consistently outperformed mass production plants. Human Resource Strategies and Firm Performance: What Do We Know and Where Do We Need to Go by Lee Dyer say that there are solid theoretical reasons for firms to bundle their human resource activities into identifiable strategies. Bundles are superior to any HR activities which are created to improve productivity and quality, reducing employee turnover and increases employee engagement. Human resource practices and policies are measured within organizations under different functions of Human Resource.A study by Chadwic(2009) on Human Resource Management as a comprehensive model say that Strategic Human Resource Management is a cross-disciplinary field which is evolved from Human Resource Management. The researcher tries to explain the strategical characteristics of HRM through his study.

According to him key terms of HR activities are acquisition, retention, training, motivation and development. He adds that many specific HRM practices are likely to have mixed relationship with firm’s competitive advantages in SHRM. The Human Resources Function by Wight Bakke says that Human relations are not a new function. The task of management in HR is Maintenance and Development of Human Resources, Effective employment of Human Resource, Integrating HR with other resources. The study explains the ways in which productivity, compensation, training, selection and hiring, training and development. In short, entry to exit functions of Human Resource is studied in the research.


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