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Last updated: March 9, 2019

The strongest strength of the computer is also the strongest weakness. Everyone having at a keyboard can access huge and valuable resources that are available at our fingertips. However, unless you r careful malware may tag along for the ride. According to RSA cybercriminals are increasingly targeting corporate computers within the hopes of profiting from sensitive information and by the Cybercriminal trends report the criminals are shifting from using malware to target consumer desktops. In different ways that malware typically infects the system as Virus, worms, spyware and Trojans, these malicious programs contain unique traits and characteristics which can perform a variety of functions, deleting sensitive data, hijacking core computing functions without their permissions and lead to data breach.
By knowing to the Symantec checklist of best practices for stopping malware threats can possible a long way towards keeping the malware out of your network.
Keep browser plug-ins patched: In the present running world attacks have moved to the browser and plug-in applications that makes so much more useful. It is somewhat critical that attackers not be able to use Microsoft internet explorer or adobe flash vulnerabilities to get onto the systems. By using software distribution tools to install patches as soon as they become available.
Review your security content distribution schedule: This makes the attackers impossible to threats as antivirus signatures are released multiple times and IPS content roughly on a weekly basis.
Review mail security and gateway blocking effectiveness: By updating your mail security solutions frequently detect the latest bad senders IPs, spam and malware threats at the mail gateway that will protect your organization against web 2.0 threats, including malicious URLs and malware.
Using tools that go beyond antivirus:
Educate users and yourself:
Protect mobile devices and smart phones:


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