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Last updated: August 27, 2019

The story “The Storm” written by Kate Chopin, takes place in a small town in Louisiana. It took place in the late 1800s. There are two people who are married that need to feel loved, and to have desired fulfilments. Chopin uses the approaching storm to bringing the main characters together. The main characters in this story are Alcee and Calixta who both cheated on their spouses. Calixta is married to Bobinot. Alcee and Calixta both had an affair.

Calixta is a mom to a 4-year-old whose name is Bibi. During the late 1800s woman were responsible for doing everything at home. While the storm was approaching Calixta was sewing and too busy doing chores around the house that she didn’t notice the storm approaching. Alcee was walking by Calixta and took shelter at her house while the storm passed by. During the storm Alcee was inside Calixta’s house alone.

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This is why Chopin uses the storm as a symbol because it brings two former lovers back together. They had not seen each other since Calixta’s wedding. While Alcee and Calixta were alone in the house Bibi and Bobinot were stuck in the store when the storm was happening. It was good for Alcee and Calixta that Bobinot and his son were at the store because it gave them time to do what they both desired and made the storm convenient for both of them. In the story Kate Chopin describes the storm as “crashing torrents” which can symbolize the passion or love that they have for one another. The colors they used could be a sign of lack of passion with their spouses.

This is probably they both had an affair because they both felt something for each other. Also, Bobinot does care and love about Calixta because it is mentioned “he purchased a can of shrimp, of which Calixta was fond of” by buying his wife the can of shrimp it tells us that he was thinking of her. The color white was a important symbol in this story because white means purity and innocence. The white color indicates Calixta’s breasts, neck and “monumental bed” where she shares the bed with her husband Bobinot and could symbolize that their marriage is lacking in love and passion. Another color that was brought to this story was the color red.

Calixta’s red lips “as red and moist as pomegranate seeds”. The color red could mean a couple of things. It could either mean love or danger.


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