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Last updated: March 20, 2019

The story of Harry Potter begins as he is about to celebrate is eleventh birthday. Up until this time, Harry’s birthdays have come and gone like any other day; they have been nothing worth celebrating.

You see, Harry has lived in a cupboard under the stairs in his Uncle Vernon’s and Aunt Petunia’s house. He has never received a birthday present worth remembering. His very few possessions have been the hand-me-downs of his cousin Dudley. Harry has never known why the Dursley’s have never treated him well. All he knows is that his mother and father died in a car crash and he came to live with the Dursley’s when he just one year old.But all things will forever change on Harry’s eleventh birthday. He learns from a letter, given to him by an unknown, very large person name Hagrid, that he is not just a regular person. He learns that like his mother and father, he too is a wizard.

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Harry’s life changes in an instant. The letter he receives is an acceptance and invitation to study at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.Upon arriving at Hogwarts, Harry is sorted into the Gryffindor House by the Sorting Hat. At Hogwarts, Harry will learn what it means to be Wizard. He will learn many things about wizardry from his teachers and Head Master, Dumbledore. He will learn that not all people come from wizard families. Some, called Muggles, will also study at Hogwarts. For the first time, he will meet and make friends.

Hermione Granger (Muggle born) and Ron Weasley (Wizard ), will help Harry through a most challenging first year at Hogwarts.Harry’s first year at Hogwarts will be challenging as he comes to learn more about his past and the death of his parents. Not only did Harry learn on his eleventh birthday that he was a wizard, but he also learned that his parents died at the hands of a wizard practicing dark magic:Voledmort. And although, Voldemort attempted to kill Harry, something saved him.

Instead of Harry dying, Voldemort lost his powers. Harry is reminded of that fateful night each time he looks in the mirror and sees a lightening bolt scar on his forehead and as others greet him famously wherever he goes.Harry will experience many life threatening situations during his first year. These situations will arise as he comes to learn more about Voldemort and those that follow him.

Every experience Harry, Hermione, and Ron will find themselves in, will bring Harry closer to the one that must not be named, Voldemort.


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