The statement that “People may become suicidal for reasons not associated with mental or health problems” I found interesting. The reasons the text includes is being arrested, as a reaction to humiliation or overwhelming guilt, or over circumstances that a person may see as inescapable. This statement caught me off guard and I did more research into this statement. People who are struggling with being arrested may see no end in sight to their situation. The arrest may cause a person to worry about their personal life and the debt and bills that will accrue during their incarceration. The financial and personal stress can take a major toll on a person’s mental health. This toll on their mental health is what leads to the thoughts and possible attempts of suicide. The text mentions humiliation, this humiliation can come from being bullied by peers, coworkers, and or cyberbullying. The person being bullied could end up having feelings of depression, worthless, and hopelessness. This could lead a person to have mental health issues that lead to thoughts of suicide. People who have the feelings of being trapped and are unable to manage different life circumstances tends to lead to the thoughts of suicide. A person who has been or is dealing with a mental illness, trauma, arrest or have been the victim of a bully can have these thoughts. The thoughts come from the pain and continuous anguish from these life experiences that becomes too overwhelming. The pain from these experiences exceeds a person’s abilities to cope with what is going on in their life and lead to suicidal thoughts. I think if a person is suicidal then there is something with their mental health that needs addressed. This will be something I will continue to research as I want to understand the authors reasoning behind this statement. This is a statement I would have thought was inaccurate because from what I understand is suicide and suicidal thoughts has a link to mental health. I think what can be done is more research and further discussions on what the author of this statement is trying to say. This can also can be to also look at peer reviewed journals and articles that will give me a better understanding of suicide and those who have suicidal thoughts.


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