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The special influence of slang on the vocabulary of the English languageDorogoplya AO, student; SSU, gr. PR-71Modern English can not be imaged now without slang, which leads to certain changes in phonetic and vocabulary. It was studied by such scholars as E. Patrider, G. Mencken, I.

Galperin, V. Vilyuman, M. Makovsky.The purpose of our study is to define the concept of “Slang”, and its influence on the vocabulary of contemporary English.Linguist E. Berehivskaya defined the slang as an interesting linguistic phenomenon; a unique example of interplay and influence of different layers of vocabulary, the foundation from which the literary language derives new means of expression. First, slang penetrates into the literature primarily as a means of characterizing the features of oral speech in a particular environment. However, some part is sometimes used in literature and for other stylistic purposes as a specific expressive vocabulary (usually synonymous with literary language) 1,p.

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33.He represents the number of words that were formed through phonetic assimilation, semantic, morphological formulation, and borrowing.The vocabulary of slang genetically represents different borrowings. Changes that sometimes experience lexical units when they fall into slang are changes related to metaphorical rethinking, expansion or narrowing of meaning, the assignment of self-importance, the development of productive roots, and the change of grammatical features of the word 2,p.

365.That is, slang is an emotional and expressive vocabulary that determines the frequency of repetition in a spoken language in order to influence the listener. 1.

Berehivskay E.M. Youth Slang: Formation and Functioning. Questions of Linguistics / E.M. Berehivskaya – BA: 1996, ?. 3, p.

32-41.2. Zaharchenko T.

E. English and American Slang / T.E. Zakharchenko – Moscow: AST: Astrel; Volodymyr: VKT, 2009, P. 478Supervisor –


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