The speaker in the in this poem is Coleridge, what I like the most in the poem is the speaker’s emotional status, which describes the painful disability that prevented him from accompanying with his friend (Williams and Dorothy Wordsworth and Charles Lamb) who came to visit him. Coleridge felt lonely in his garden and compared his garden to the prison(metaphor). His disability was a result of accidental boiling spill on his foot caused by his wife that disabled him, here what he said in line 1-2 : “Well, they are gone, and here must I remain, /This lime-tree bower my prison,” my favorite lines are 2-5 that read: “I have lost Beauties and feelings, …/Had dimm’d mine eyes to blindness!” the tone used by the speaker in these lines are regretful tone, he
was sad to see his friends going without him and might not see them again, the speaker begins visualizing everything he could have watched together with friends, that could have been remained good memories when he becomes blind in his old age. Coleridge style was conversational and visual. In the last paragraph, Coleridge’s tone changed, he became happy, at night, he noticed around him, by the beautiful leaves of the lime he saw a bat and heard a noise of a solitary bee, he concluded that it was a good opportunity to stay and enjoy the nature than accompanying his friends lines 55-67: “Through the late twilight: and though now the
bat…/With lively joy the joys we cannot share.”


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