Topic: DesignConstruction

Last updated: April 29, 2019

The social construction of reality is a core concept in sociology. It refers to the process whereby people continuously create, through their actions and interactions, a shared social reality that is experienced as objectively factual and subjectively meaningful. In other words, the social world is not natural, given, or fully determined, but it is made up by people. It is just as well transmitted by us people. Things that we have not learned from our own senses, intuition, or reason, have been learned directly from human beings. So pretty much most of what we know we have simply accepted from what other people have told us. Even what our own senses, and reason tell us, is highly shaped by what other people have told us.
To elaborate, back in the old days, many religious cultures found it completely appropriate for people to be sacrificed for the sake of their higher power. Whereas nowadays, that is completely unacceptable, but because of that fact that’s the reason all of those people knew no better, they were literally raised on that belief.


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