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Last updated: September 21, 2019

The skills we need to communicate with children and young people are ensuring that you are welcoming and friendly, this would include body language you perceieve such as not crossing your arms and making your body towards the child eg if you angle your body open towards the person you are talking too. If a smaller child try kneeling to talk to them so they can then see you are listening to them. Communicating effectively can include use of body language, facial expressions, facing the child, using open handed gestures, and smiling. It is also important that we adjust the way we talk to different age groups we must be clear and concise, also changes to the context such as vocabluary used for them to fully understand what is being said and taking into consideration any additional learning needs they may have.

I have worked in a nursery and preschool I found my tine of voice was much more softer in the nusery and ther children wanted me to play more and be involved in their games. With the preschool I did find myself using a different concept of words as I knew they would understand. We must also make sure that as well as talking to the children we should also listen a little bit like turn taking so then they can put their thought across.

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