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Last updated: March 20, 2019

The Season 3’s first episode of Black Mirror, Nosedive, tackles about how our society was being challenged by technology. It is about a diffident office worker that tries to fits herself in a status-obsessed, action-monitored, and pretentious society. The individuals were seamlessly imprisoned in the world of social rating and in the eyes of everybody.
One of my reactions in the episode was dealing with everyday people in the society. How social media and technology affects the daily lives of people, even the manners and the interactions they do. Just like what the lead actress did in front of the mirror. She practices her laugh and greets everyone with a smile; for her to gain a high rating and free herself from social judgement.
This kind of social rating can be the reason of disruption of values and promotes narcissism and self-obsession. Showing your false identity will be the key for you to survive from the ongoing rules of the society and for you to be seen on top of others.
Social acceptance and rejection may be one of the topics explained in this episode. We are thirsty for social acceptance. No matter how determined you are in maintaining a good profile, your true self will come out and release what you really are. This may result to violence, and being violent is one of the reason why we are rejected in our society.
Just like after booking and riding a Grab Taxi, the passenger will rate his/her experience from 1 to 5 stars. The rating is a determiner for Grab to know the top performing drivers or employees and grand them rewards and benefits. The passenger may rate you 5 stars if you show good behavior, a clean vehicle and a pleasant greetings and smile. This may be an analogy of what others show to you will reflect on how they will treat you. If your rating is low, you will be rejected, or even excluded in the society.
At ending scenes of the show, the woman was imprisoned and burst her feelings and reveals what her true emotions are, what her true self is. This can be related to being free from the social rating system which is the true prison.
Watching this episode is highly recommended. It shows the connection of technology in our daily lives, into social issues, the acceptance and rejections, and the judgement of the society.


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