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Last updated: December 19, 2019

The school is a social institution that provides individuals with educational educational services that keep pace with the continuation and development of life and supports the march of the human society and achieve individuals psychological satisfaction and honest work. The school is a social matter that concerns everyone, community leaders, parents, teachers. . The school administration means that “every organized activity aims to achieve the desired educational goals of the school, which is not an end in itself, but is a means to achieve the objectives of the educational process and the school administration aims to organize the school and establish the movement of work on the basis of enabling them to achieve its mission in education The school principal is responsible for coordinating and organizing the efforts in order to reach the educational goals set by the planners and officials in the educational administration The successful school is the one whose administrators believe in the importance of team work and spreading the culture of one team, The skills of working within the team with the teachers, in order to increase their contribution to the work and their participation in the decision, and this will bring many benefits to the school, teachers, students and the community as a whole. The advantages of adopting the method of work teams in the educational administration include: • Schools are closer and closer to society instead of moving away • Provide opportunities for managers to learn new skills by working directly with others • Increase managers’ sense of responsibility as they work, plan with teachers, and create a high sense of the importance of meeting the needs of individuals in and out of school. · Improve communication within and outside the school. · Perform the work within the school in an atmosphere of collective and freedom, a sense of security and tranquility, away from individual competition. • Improve the level of educational service provided to students through collective educational decisions, and committed by teachers lead to better results. · Achieve professional growth for all employees in the educational administration, as a result of their multiple responsibilities.


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