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Last updated: February 20, 2019

The Roman Empire and Han Dynasty The Roman Empire and Han Dynasty share many similarities and distinctions. The Roman empire was considered the largest empire to ever exist. It extended through most of Europe, northern Africa and the Middle East. The Roman Empire lasted 511 years from 27 B.C.E to 476 C.E.

On the other hand, the Han Dynasty lasted 400 years from 206 B.C.E to 220 C.E, and is considered one of China’s longest dynasties, spreading between the southeastern and northeastern parts of modern China. Both empires share many resemblances and differences in culture, technology, and expansion.

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The Roman people value culture, and religion was a major part of the Roman peoples’ life. All Romans were expected to worship the emperor as if he was a God. Many Christians refused to worship the emperor as a God and were arrested, some were put to death. As time went on, new emperors took control. In the fourth century A.D, emperor Constantine made Christianity the official religion. This lead to the Christians Being comfortable in practicing their religion, not worrying about punishment.

The Han Dynasty on the other hand, had many religions brought upon them, the main religion was Taoism. Taoism consisted of ceremonies for worship and religious purposes. Buddhism arriving at around 1st century C.

E, was a major religion in China, considered to be brought by travelers who came from the silk road from India. Aside from religion, art was also transformed by Buddhism. Both civilizations were open to learn from other cultures, and benefited from their inventions and technology. The Han Dynasty contributed many inventions to society, some of which we still use today.

They were the first to develop the paper making process, cast iron technology, the seismograph, glazed pottery, the wheelbarrow and the hot air balloon amongst other things. The Han Dynasty is credited with the invention of cast iron tools which included better weapons and agriculture tools, which improved the dynasty’s economy. The Roman empire is one of the best known civilizations due to their inventions and technology.

Most of all the Roman empire is known for their advancements in infrastructure. From the invention of concrete and roads to arches and aqueducts the Roman Empire was unrivaled in its time. The Empire is recognized as the civilization that invented the newspaper and the earliest example of the modern day book. Equally, both empires contributed many inventions that shape the way we live today. The advancements in technology carried the civilizations to expand, defeating their opposition.

The Han dynasty stretched their territory and culture by influencing its neighbors. The bordering countries accepted the traditions, teachings and literature of the conquering dynasty. The expansion to the south was done by military means and reached the kingdoms of southeast Asia where interaction with the locals led to negotiations and trade. Han’s people blended their culture with the people they conquered, this assisted their movement and encouraged migration.

The constant migration contributed in the expansion of the Han Dynasty. The Roman expansion began with a ten-year fight to invade the city of veii. Their triumph allowed them to establish a republic with voted representatives.

Wealth and power gained after every attack and invasion of neighboring states, facilitated the expansion of the Roman Empire. But with every victory they enslaved many captured people which affected many aspects of Roman life, and created an economic inequality amongst its people. There are extreme differences in the way The Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire expanded.

Han’s people influenced their conquered and integrated some of the local culture. While the Romans enslaved and dominated the people they invaded. The Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty were two of the largest estates of their time. While both empires shared many similar traits as a civilization, they differed in culture, technology and the way they chose to treat those they conquered.


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