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Last updated: March 16, 2019

The Role of Information Technology in EducationTechnology is a major influential factor in the progression of education.

Information technology is referred to the knowledge process and its applying method which includes processing, transferring and making information in progress. In Ng Hwee Kiat’s article “The Role of Information Technology”he delivers a refreshing perspective into the lives of students nowadays. This article is successful in bringing students attention on how information technology plays an important role in education .

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Kiat has provided sufficient evidence to give a strong argument .I agree with his view that information technology plays an important role in improving students education and their learning skills because it has enabled students to be independent learners through direct experience.The article begins with how Information Technology has transformed workplace and schools.

Attention is more on the usage of IT in education system. As Kiat mentioned that with the introduction of IT in schools it makes it interesting to manipulate data which makes it easier for students and teachers to communicate and update assignments and notes. The manipulation of data enables information to be outsourced to the public whereas it is beneficial to those students that grasp whatever that they are able to learn.

One of the ways that “The Role of Information Technology In Education” is persuasive to its readers is by bringing in the real life element which is concerning the need to foster the development of children intellectually .Technology has caused a deeper shift in how students learn and how teachers add up to the problem by adjusting their lessons to accommodate shorter attention spans. As highlighted in the article that nowadays teachers are regarded as guide, mentor and facilitator and no longer the source of knowledge since their tasks is mostly carried out by the software and technology that is available. For instance, in the past teachers spent considerable time preparing assignments for students.Therefore, it could be concluded that IT not only makes work easier for students it also disregards a teachers capabilities.


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