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Last updated: March 2, 2019

The results of the Leadership Self-Assessment Quiz and Situational Leaders Quiz clearly shows that I possess a participating (facilitating) S3 when it comes to leadership style in situational leadership.

The quizzes gave me an insight on where I stand particularly in situational leadership approach as a leader. As a leader in my previous workplaces and with the help of the quizzes I believe that the S3 leadership style perfectly links perfectly well within my concept of leadership. From my personal experiences I have been involved in situations where as a leader I had to emphasize more on relationship building and less on tasks because the followers showed more competency, but a less desirable amount of commitment. As an individual I have always been a follower of relationship building, motivating sub-ordinates, providing feedbacks, listening to them. I believe that I am doing reasonably good in it as it focuses more on a democratic leadership approach.

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The sub-ordinates have more freedom, they are more involved in making decisions and on the other hand the leader hands out limited direction.


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