The Respectful Fashion Designer of the World Words
The favorite fashion designer I choose was Charles Frederick Worth. Charles Frederick Worth was an English fashion designer who founded the House of Worth, one of the foremost fashion houses of the 19th and early 20th centuries. He was born in 13 October 1825 in Bourne, Lincolnshire, England as the son of a lawyer. As a young man, Charles Frederick Worth worked as an apprentice and clerk for two London textile merchants. In addition to gaining a thorough knowledge of fabrics and the business of supplying dressmakers during this time, he also visited the National Gallery and other collections to study historic portraits. Elements of the sitters’ dresses in these paintings would later provide inspiration for Worth’s own designs, for both fashionable ensembles and masquerade costumes. In the age of 20th, Charles Frederick Worth relocated to Paris in 1845. Despite early struggles, he found work with Gagelin, a prominent firm that sold textile goods, shawls, and some ready-made garments. Charles Frederick Worth became Gagelin’s leading salesman and eventually opened a small dressmaking department for the company, his first position as a professional dressmaker.

In the year 1858, Charles Frederick Worth had start up his first design house with the joint partner with Otto Bobergh at Paris. In the business started, Worth in charge as artistic head and Bobergh in charge in the financial matters. On the time, when Charles Frederick Worth became a designer which is the same timing the Second Empire in France established. After the second Empire in France establish, the business of market economies have so many demands that it has never been before, the request of the goods of luxury, including the textiles and apparels had raising better before the past. When Napoleon III married Empress Eugénie, her tastes set the style at court. The empress’ patronage had make sure that Charles Frederick Worth will be success as a famous fashion designer started from the year 1860 until the world knows him at any time. The design of Charles Frederick Worth are using only the lavish fabrics and trimmings, he will make the dresses have a style of the historical elements and he will be taking care of his clients needed for attention. Charles Frederick Worth is well known on providing various designs and will be present his design show it to clients in the live model wearing at the House of Worth. Clients will be chose until they like the design in the tailor-made in Charles Frederick Worth workshop. Actually Charles Frederick Worth was a planning to organize his business in this way, with his self-promotion to these markets, he has make himself to get the titles “father of haute couture” and “the first couturier” from his fans and clients. By the year of 1870s, Charles Frederick Worth name has appeared in the ordinary fashion magazines, spreading his attitude to the clients especially to woman with his respectful style. Which means, he had a strong recommendation in his business via his attitude to all his clients.

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Most of House of Worth’s design clothing is a proven of Charles Frederick Worth being popular among rich American customers, as well as European royalties and VIP`s. Many clients travelling to Paris just to buy the entire design from the House of Worth. For the rich family women, they will buy a dress to be wear of morning, afternoon, and evening dresses and lavish “undress” items such as tea gowns and nightgowns, which were worn only in the privacy of one’s home. Most women also request to Charles Frederick Worth to designs gowns as for special occasions, including weddings and ornate masquerade balls entertainment function to wear. Charles Frederick Worth clients is not only the American, European Royalties and VIP`s but also included stars artists of the theater and concert stage artists. He has design and supplied performance costumes and personal wardrobes for the famous actresses and singers such as Sarah Bernhardt, Lillie Langtry, Nellie Melba, and Jenny Lind.

In year 1871, Charles Frederick Worth terminate his relationship in the business with Bobergh, when Bobergh decided to return back to France. With his own experiences, Charles Frederick Worth bring his House of Worth into a very famous business during the 19 century. Almost all clients visited his salon for a consultation and fitting. Clients would make their selections and have them made to their own measurements in his work rooms. By the end of his career, Charles Frederick Worth fashion house had begun with 50 staff, but swelled over time to over 1,200 staff has employed its impact on fashion taste was far-reaching in line. Every week, the fashion house can produce a hundreds of garment. In his profit earn around 4,000 pound for a year. Charles Frederick Worth sons Gaston and Jean, who had joined the business in 1874 to help with management, finance, and design, became increasingly active, leaving Charles Frederick Worth free to take more time off in his later years; by this stage he had a variety of health problems, including migraines. On 10 March 1895, Charles Frederick Worth died of pneumonia at the age of 69. Meanwhile, suggested that Worth was of so artistic a temperament that he found England unsuited to his temperament and taste, and so gravitated to Paris, the city of light and beauty, to make his name. This was a claim refuted in British society magazine Queen, which put his rise to prosperity down to perseverance, intelligence and industry; this article was later reprinted in the San Francisco Call. Jean-Philippe’s designs in particular follow his father’s aesthetic, with his use of dramatic fabrics and lavish trimmings. The house flourished during the sons’ tenure and into the 1920s. The great fashion dynasty finally came to an end in 1952 when Charles Frederick Worth’s great-grandson, Jean-Charles (1881–1962), retired from the family business. In 1950, the House of Worth was taken over by the House of Paquin. In the year 1952, the Worth family influence ended with the retirement of great-grandson Jean-Charles (1881–1962). Later In the year 1956, the house shut down the couture operations. From 1968, House of Worth was owned by Sidney Massin of Massin Furs in Wigmore Street, London, who put it up for sale in year 1987. The buyer would own the rights to the brand names the House of Worth, Worth Limited, and Miss Worth and the Worth trademark.

After knowing the historical of my favorite fashion designer Charles Frederick Worth, something I would like to comment on it is, his patience and his greatness cannot be ignored by all the fashion designer in this world today. As we known, as a successful fashion designer wanted to bring up his or her own design in the fashion world is not an essay as we think. As I learn, a new design must be create by our own as a designer to giving a fresh design in the markets to get a new style value. The styling of Charles Frederick Worth in the 19th and 20th centuries it can be say all over the women at that time are really love on his fashion with long beautiful dress. Moreover, I would think on his personnel attitude of he`s are very serious person on his own design. About Charles Frederick Worth success, I would think the amazing think is he was the first to create and employ the principles of design and fashion that would be called “haute couture,” or “high fashion” and the most success and proudly in his life was he is the first fashion designer in the world as the founder of a fashion house. In my own personal opinion, the most influence of Charles Frederick Worth in the fashion line I think is a ladies and women. Because Charles Frederick Worth was one of the first designers to come up with his own ideas, based on his knowledge of women’s needs. Not only in the design line, on the business side Charles Frederick Worth by selling his designs not only to individual customers but also he can influence to other dressmakers, clothing manufacturers, and to the newly invented department stores. Which I think with his idea at that time, the whole of the market can be influence by all his product of his design. A part of that, Charles Frederick Worth ideas came at a time when clothing factories and department stores were new developments, and they combined well to create a new concept in fashion called ready-to-wear clothing. For the first time, people could simply go to a store and buy the latest fashions, and “haute couture”. It was the success study and been trained up by other fashion companies even though until in our new era centuries todays were followed Charles Frederick Worth ideas.

End up with my conclusion in my topic, Charles Frederick Worth has a success in the fashion design world histories. With his design at that time, it can said he is the King of the fashion designer but it doesn’t mean he was the egoistic person. What I had learn about on his style is, mostly 80% of Charles Frederick Worth design will be including the style of fabric bowl, ruffles, tassels, corset and the crinoline on his design style and at that centuries are very famous dresses. Besides that, Charles Frederick Worth design dresses will be having a similar connection in between from the top design till the lower dress. But today`s in our centuries, the concept bring by Charles Frederick Worth it can be accept but more will only dress on the Very Important (VIP`s) function or night dinner function at the class restaurant or hotels restaurant. Anyway, I am proud of him that why I selected him as one of the favorite fashion designer in my essay question.


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