The research is a quantitative research, which aims to obtain data by using a quasi-experimental research design. It is a systematic procedure that aims to verify, prove, or establish the validity of a hypothesis, it involves a pre-test and post-test which will determine the relationship between the dependent and independent variable. (Grove, Gray, & Burns, 2014). Quasi-experimental design also allows the researchers to manipulate the assignment the treatment condition, however, using some criterion aside from random assignment. This was developed to allow researchers to have as much control possible over threats to validity in a situation wherein some components of a true experimental design are lacking. (Ancheta, Amoyo, Ambrocio, Amante, & Alobba, 2015).
Two support groups will be classified by the researchers as to whether they will be the group to receive the experimental treatment or the group that will not receive treatment. The support group that will not receive any treatment will be called the control group, whereas the support group that will receive treatment will be referred to as the experimental group.


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