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Last updated: May 1, 2019

“The real cost of our love of tech: the environment” is created by the CBC Radio on June 27th and this issue is investigated by the independent filmmaker Sue Williams in her “Death By Design” Documentary. From this event, I obtained information regarding the harmful materials involved in the manufacturing and disposal of digital devices, workplace and environment of digital devices and the lives of people involved in it.In my viewpoint, the story is really informative and interesting. In the first part, Sue explained the manufacturing of devices and some violations have happened in electronic companies. Because hundreds of thousands of workers are in one company then it would be surprising to think about all companies. The second thing is that when we consider Apple Company, a majority of the employees are around the age of 17 and they spent lots of time there because of long shifts and little breaks.

So they don’t enjoy their life and don’t get time to spend with friends and family too. Sometimes this led them to suicide. From this, I learned that for production and disposal of electronic devices, they use chemical and toxic materials and the atmosphere and workplace of electronic companies are very difficult.I surprised about the upgrade of iPhone 5 because people change their electronic device sometimes only for status. After reading the story I understood that the choice for upgrading our device is depending on us. We should think more about such upgrades, which means we have to think, is that necessary or not? Otherwise, we will lose our money.

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