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Last updated: April 26, 2019

The question asks why these core elements are important and why they sit at the ‘heart’ of HR and L&D profession.

This question can be answered simply by the CIPD. First of all, as stated previously, the very purpose of the map is to clearly layout the requirements to be effective in this profession, and the CIPD state that “‚Ķwithout this core or professional foundation, HR will always speak at the ‘technician’ level.” (CIPD, 2018) They believe that these two core elements will must be utilized to realise the truth capability of HR and those who practice in this profession. The CIPD believe that HR practitioners main goal should be to ensure sustainable organisation performance, and they state that these two core elements is the stable foundation needed at any level to achieve this goal. Like most things you do in life, no matter how well experienced or prepared in theory you are, without starting with a strong, solid foundation, one mistake on the journey, and everything will most likely come crumbling down.

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Therefore, as the CIPD recommends, with these 2 core elements at the centre, HR practitioners will be able to progress effectively throughout their field despite where they currently are.


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