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Last updated: March 19, 2019

The product and service design of Nestle is exceedingly based on adequate utilisation of the resources and minimisation of the optimum level of wastes throughout the lifecycle of the product.

On this specific context, it is worth to say that the employer leverages increasingly on the incorporation of appropriate research and development for retaining sustainability within the product designing process (Smith 2012). According to Anne Roulin, the head of sustainability for research and development department of Nestle suggests that the company emphasises more on developing a good design for its products, as it believes that the process plays a major role in the preservation of natural environment.Nestle is known to be the largest fast-moving consumer goods company in the world. The sizeable part of the company’s operational contributions is devoted to generating and maintain environmental sustainability through the product development and designing process. The implication of the particular contribution depends on the ability of the company to measure the effects of its products to the environment right from the moment of designing or restoring them. For an example, the company considers how the customers dispose of the packages during taking vital decisions during the product designing process (Dharni and Sharma 2015). Therefore, the product design practices adopted by the company considers all of the vital factors for the examination.

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These factors include the agricultural production to the ingredient sourcing, processing, and manufacturing and ultimately the way of utilisation by the consumers.


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