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Last updated: January 30, 2019

The principles of building relationships with children and adults are the same. People in our company should feel comfortable. This hopefully will encourage more constructive communications between each party. Relationship building at different stages of a young persons life changes rapidly and having a good understanding of this is necessary. As a Teaching assistant you have to have positive and effective communication between you and your other peers. To gain a good relationship with someone we must show them respect.

We should be respectful and listen to and value their opinions and points of view for example, whilst speaking to a child or young person which has english as their additional language, you would need to speak slower, with lots more annunciation and facial expression, also the use of flash cards can be helpful. Another element that can help build a relationship is asking about and remembering personal issues or important aspects of another person’s life. This could be as simple as remembering when there birthday or asking how a family member is.

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It shows the child that you have listened to what they have told you and it is important. Children are young people and they should be comfortable to share their feelings and emotions with each other.From birth they are recognising features of people around them to make simple connections with I.e mum,dad and siblings.


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