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Last updated: March 14, 2019

The primary device is described as those which emerge from an inherent biological requirement like hunger and thirst, that’s needed for survival. The requirements include nutrition, the evasion of agony and the need for sleep. Primary drive immediately makes the person to do something in order to appease the needs. The needed process isn’t something we acquire to learn, but a process that we are instinctively programmed to pursue. For example, we don’t learn to eat. The explanation of this drive is it may possibly be immensely influenced by social changes in the societies that people eat different types of food.

A primary drive can also be ‘periodic’ and that can only be satisfied for a short time. Hunger can decrease after having a meal even after a certain time period and it comes back and has to be pleased again. Secondary drives are not established on inherent biological needs or inequality, it’s rather more ‘social motives’ that are gained by the social or cultural environment. Although every person was born with innate primary drives, secondary drives are gained by social environments, for example, cultural groups or social situations. There are secondary drivers that are described by Murray. Achievement drive, defeating your difficulties, to exercise capability through understanding. Affiliation is when you structure relationships and organisations, to participate with others.

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Aggression drive, when a person harms others and criticise them and accuse and punish them. Autonomy drive is avoiding blame and punishment by prohibiting anti-social. Dominance drive, to influence and controlling others and convincing forbidden things and commanding. Exhibitions drive to appeal attention to an individual, or amaze someone and pleasure others. Nurturance drive, to care, protect others and show sympathy. Sentience drive, to pursue and create and appreciate sensual impressions.

Sex drive, to form and be romantic to that person and to have sexual intercourse.


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