Topic: History

Last updated: April 28, 2019

The Primary Chronicle Excerpt tells the tale story of how Prince Vladimir chose Christianity as the main religion for his realm after listening to a brief summary of different faiths.

Religion is one of the fundamental forms through which people make sense of their existence and experience, belongs to the intellectual. Religion also brings society together and brings people closer to other countries, generating peace. The occurrence of Prince Vladimir’s conversion suggests that he adopted Christianity in order to unite his nation. The conversion of Rus not only led to a change in religion but also a variety of other benefits. That suggests Vladimir was motivated not only by aesthetic reasons but also political and economic reasons.

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Conversion to Christianity and gradual adaptation of the daily Christian rituals were a step in continuous process. This text allows one to see the idealization of Prince Vladimir’s triumph in choosing Christianity and delivering his nation to redemption. Ostensibly, history of Rus’ is one of the best tutorials on how to get political power and prove its legitimacy by using societies’ religious beliefs.


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