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Last updated: December 2, 2019

The present cross-sectional study was done on 18 to 25 years of age college students in Delhi. The study sample consisted 70 respondents both male and female.
The Questionnaire was prepared for the data collection. The content and format of the questionnaire used in the study were discussed and finalized in discussion with the supervisor.
The questionnaire included questions on demographic information for example age, gender, and their level of education, and questions regarding the smoking habits, family smoking status, the explanations behind starting and continuing smoking and awareness and opinion towards smoking.
The respondents were informed about the motivation of the study and their intentional participation was sought. The random sampling of respondents was done in order to target the total sample size of 70 respondents.
Both smokers and non-smokers were included as to know the perspectives of the non-smokers in regards of what are the other possible reasons for their peer group for picking up smoking and for the smokers why they have started smoking.
The fundamental goal of the present study was to understand the purposes behind starting and continuing smoking among youth, therefore the code sheet of the whole questionnaire was prepared in order to analyse the data in a more sophisticated manner and then entire data were analyzed using Microsoft Excel, different types of tables and pie chart were made.


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