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Last updated: April 6, 2019

The poster of the iconic Steve Irwin Is more than likely a design piece that has been massed produced. To analyse the signs, we must have a concise understanding of why it exists in the first place. In this case, it has been used as an advertising tactic to get people to visit Australia zoo. The poster could, therefore, be seen as iconic, symbolic and indexical. Iconic because the image looks like what it refers to. (O’Shaughnessy, Stadlerand Casey 2016)Steve Irwin wrapping his arms around the croc, with the expression that invokes excitement in people who may see the poster. The signifier is resembling the signified. (O’Shaughnessy, Stadlerand Casey 2016) Symbolic because they have chosen to use the word Crikey.

It’s culturally specific to Australia. Indexical, even though Steve Irwin takes centre stage ultimately the sign is advertising Australia zoo. As soon as denotation was established, it was apparent that connotation or the deeper meaning started to come through. For instance, in this case, the Steve holding the croc not only signified animal expertise (denotation) but also started to articulate a set of signifiers related to fear. (connotation) The fact Steve is holding the croc (a very dangerous animal) signifies Steve as someone who considers himself to be an expert in the field of dangerous animals. A secondary signifier is the shape of his mouth.

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It gives the feeling of drama and also adds to the suggestion of Steve being an expert. However, there is a further connotation that could be developed and that is one of being hands on. By not wearing any gloves Steve gives us a sense that he is hands-on with the animals at Australia zoo.The modality is strongly plausible in the stance that Steve takes with the croc. The croc is coming out at you, giving it more predominance than the rest of the image.

The poster itself is landscape suggesting that we are meant to enter into the space the same way we look at a visually real landscape. The typographic font use in the word crikey adds to the Aussie feel of the poster but takes a secondary stance to Steve and the croc. The implied narrative is live on the edge, come and see the crocs and see what happens. Have the adventure of a lifetime, crikey live on the edge. The metonym of Australia Zoo is Steve Irwin crocodile handler.


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