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Last updated: August 5, 2019

The policy sciences approach is useful for public policy as it utilizes the rigor and quantifiable data to uphold its predictive arguments and justify its conclusions or policy recommendations. As public policy is and must be a client serving structure, the policy sciences principal attributes of contextuality, problem solving, and diversity aid in the decision process for the future of public and civic order. The ultimate role of public policy is to support decisionmakers by discovering and clarifying the past, present and future consequences associated with implementing any potential policy. A set of verifiable construct or method enables the decision maker to understand the total (known) complexities of the entire situation, thereby furthering the decision-making process. The policy sciences must adhere to the ethical responsibility and maintain standards, trust and honesty to produce a valuable contribution to the community – whether it be to alert to danger, mobilize for action, or ensure the goals of the public and civil order.

The overarching standard of the policy scientist is to assist a client or organization and improve capability in the execution of policy.

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