The poem Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening written by Robert Frost is an emotional discovery where the protagonist had to make a decision whether he should stay at the woods or go home due to his responsibilities back at home. The first stanza has showed the protagonist was on his way home, however stopped in front of the woods and takes a look inside. “Woods” usually seen as a dangerous place especially at night even his horse think it might be strange to be at the woods by saying, “my little horse must think it queer”. The horse thinks it is unusual to stop in the middle of the woods “without a farmhouse near”. Frost has mentioned the “Frozen Lake” to depict the dark and sadness surrounded the woods. However in the third stanza, the persona portrayed the contrast of the original idea of what’s the woods are like as, “Of easy wind and downy flake” and “The woods are lovely, dark, and deep” which makes the protagonist wanted to stay and escape from his responsibility. Towards the end of the poem, the persona is confronted with two choices whether he should stay or go home, “But I have promises to keep” this showed that he still has the responsibilities back at home.


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