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Last updated: March 2, 2019

The Philippines Sea front Interactive Eco-Tourism Perpetuation of Coral Reef Research Center is a research facility and aquarium interactive park with an effective coral conservation. The development is a place to see, to discover, to learn and to understand why the coral reefs and other species are important to our marine biodiversity, to preserve the natural beauty of our sea in the Philippines. Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines said that Filipinos are the bearer of a great global responsibility of ensuring that the coral communities and coral reefs that surround the country’s islands are protected. The development is well-funded by the benefit of eco-tourism to develop our marine science, serving the community to save the coral reefs from extinction.

Showcasing the Philippines being the global epicenter of marine biodiversity and promoting sustainable utilization and restoring the viable homes of the species, increasing the population of the coral reef with the innovations of the technology. Making a great barrier to the different kind of stressors to the marine eco system and destroying not only the coral reefs but also the drastic climate change that have an immense effect to the marine eco system such as siltation from mining, reclamation projects, construction of coal-fired power plants in coastal areas, pollution, cyanide fishing and over harvesting. The development serves as a foundation from a private sector for the government that will enable us to comprehensively utilize coral reefs and marine science as a national development, advocating people empowerment to secure the marine eco life system, securing the peoples food supply, livelihoods and providing economical jobs to the locals, and eco-tourism for funding for the development for future projects for the awareness of endangered marine biodiversity.

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