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Last updated: January 28, 2019

The person I admire the most in my family is my mother.Her name is Melek.She is 45 years old.She is an awesome person for me. For example she always listens my problems and also she tries to find solutions to these problems.In other words if we want to say all these shortly she is great at creating miracles. By the way I want to share my first memories with her. As we know already the very first memory between the child and the mother is the birth.But if I want to share my other memories with her the first one is the long trip which we made when I was 9 years old.It was fabulous.We were going to Gaziantep and the view was marvellous.There are lots of high trees and fascinating plants there.And the second memory is my beautiful theatre show.At the show day she came to watch me while I was acting.When the acting was finished she was applausing happily.When I saw her applausing I was very proud of myself.After the show I hugged her firmly.The next memory which I had with her is my first school day.I was very worried.She left me at the school and I ran to her but I couldn’t reach her.The time she came to pick me up from school I missed her so much so I hugged her. Besides all these memories she was always with me in every aspect of my life. And this will continue until the end of my life


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