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Last updated: April 4, 2019

The performance indicator is a measurement of performance. Many organizations use this to assess success or activities achievement in which it is affianced. Since accomplishment sometimes is demarcated in making improvement terms towards deliberate goals.

Choosing the correct indicator depends on vast understanding on what is essential to the organization (Aguinis, 2009).Training is one of the most essential elements in any organization as I have to ensure staffs are fully trained to promote and improve our service with the best quality care. This is an important key performance indicator for me as a team leader. I also have to ensure residents are valued along with my staff. This is where regular meetings with staff at least every six months and also supervision and appraisal when due for staff. As a team leader I should be able to assess my staff work performance and always good practices are in place with accordance with policies and procedures of St Mary’s.

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On the other hand I also have to look at the budgeting as it is a business for them. I have to encourage staff to promote safe practice to prevent accidents as this can be cost effective for the company depending on the situation as staff can even sue the company and they have to pay out a lot. I have to ensure I look at it from a business point of view. Negotiating with new staff during induction especially if they are fully qualifies and you are desperate for staff e.g. training.

As a team leader I have to set out aims and goals for staff performance. The company have to aim for a target to develop employee skills and knowledge to maintain good quality care.


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