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Last updated: April 5, 2019

The percent yield of CaCO3 was determined through reacting Na2CO3 with CaCl2. Initially, for reaction 1, 20 ml of 0.

5M CaCl2 and 10 ml of 1.5M Na2CO3 were allowed to react and for reaction 2, 20 ml of 0.5M CaCl2 and 5 ml of 1.

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5M Na2CO3 were allowed to react. Based on stoichiometry for this experiment, the limiting reactant for reaction 1 was CaCl2 meanwhile the limiting reactant for reaction 2 was Na2CO3. Upon completing this experiment, the percent yield of calcium carbonate precipitate in reaction 1 was 79.15% while in reaction 2 was 59.63%.

From this experiment, less than 100% yields are obtained in both reaction. This is because the reaction did not have sufficient time to become a completely dry and when transferring the product from on container to another or when the product is filtered, there is always some small loss. Therefore, for the better the yield it need to be less in handling the product.


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