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Last updated: November 20, 2019

The paramount idea of this case is customer-centric implementation of technology.

Creativity and innovation have become the crucial factors for the development of any organization. The Walt Disney Company has merged innovation with information technology to fabricate various products and provide services which lead to a magnificent customer experience and a remarkable customer relationship management, which has been the principal focus of the author. The notion of incorporating Internet of Things technology in their amusement parks in order to give their customers a personal and memorable touch, is the major reason behind the solid customer base and longevity of Disney. Their slogan “happiest place on earth” (Borkowski, S., 2016) signifies the amount of efforts they put for their customers to carry lifelong memories from the theme parks. The authors have managed to express their views on all the primary and secondary aspects, such as: 1) customer-centric information technology implementation 2) customer experience 3) innovative technology development and adoption 4) customer relationship management and 5) big data. For any organization to lead in this competitive world, Michalko (2011) stated that “Seeing what no one else is seeing”, includes two strategies “Knowing how to see” and “Making your thought visible” (p. 8) which have been successfully executed by Disney.

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In 2013, after spending one billion dollars designing and testing new guest services, The Walt Disney Company began implementing “MyMagic+”, which is driven by the RFID technology (Garlen J. C., & Huddleston, G.S., 2016). The MyMagic+ provides a substantial variety of functionalities through its components like the FastPass+, PhotoPass Memory Maker, MagicBands etc.

Their production has proven to be immensely remunerative for Disney. The only limitation Disney had earlier regarding the long queues of customers for gaining access to various attractions has also been overcome by the FastPass+. The FastPass+ allows the customers to make prior bookings for up to 3 attractions a day, which saves the customer’s time. Effortless entry to hotel rooms, easier check-in and check-out procedures and matriculating the names of customers on the bands are the salient features of the MagicBand. Getting the names inscribed on bands allows Disney to track the activities of the customers in order to help them in case of any difficulties, gives them a very heart touching experience when the characters in the theme park welcome them by prompting their name.

Disney (2014a) stated that “Disney’s largest foreign investment, the “Shanghai Disney Resort” opened in 2016 and greeted over 10 million customers in its first year.” (para. 1) The “My Disney Experience” application helps the customers to find nearest restrooms, make food reservations and plan their entire trip as per their convenience. They have also succeeded in maintaining the information of customers that include their details and preferences about buying Disney products, which helps them to notify appropriate customers of any particular product being launched.

The MagicBand functions as the physical “key” to all the components providing various services (Borkowski, S., 2016). In my opinion, Disney has chosen one of the best approach to satisfy their customers and gain tremendous profits simultaneously.Conclusion:The Walt Disney Company has therefore successfully implemented the customer-centric business model by embedding information technology within the MagicBands.

Their motive to incessantly bestow happiness upon customers by leaving a lifelong personalized touch has been fulfilled.


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