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Last updated: February 10, 2020

The organizational structure of agricultural, Research and Development (R&D) in Pakistan is some-what complex, but with a clear difference between federal and provincial research agencies. Research accompanied by federal government agencies is largely long term priority research, while the research conducted at the provincial level is generally adaptive at the provincial level. Pakistan Agricultural Research Center (PARC) is the nation’s main federal agency involved in agricultural Research ; Development (R;D) and it supervises a number of institutions that demeanor agricultural research in a wide diversity of agro ecological zones within the country. One of these center is National Agriculture Research Center (NARC), the country’s biggest in terms of research staff and expenditure.

In addition, each of Pakistan’s five provinces has a well-established research institute attached to the Department of Agriculture. Every such provincial research institute has several satellite research locations, research farms and other research services in various commodities specific and agro ecological zones within a province. The higher education (HEC) sector plays a comparatively partial role in the conduct of agricultural R;D in Pakistan (Beintema, et al., 2007). Research, extension and farmers are the three key pillars of agriculture coordination and their efficiency mainly depends on the strong relations among each other. However, the current research-extension-farmer relations have been weak in many developing countries (Sewnet, et al., 2016).

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It has been noted that the farming community has not appropriate used new information and technologies generated from agriculture research. Reveal on farming systems research have dealt with the permanent problem of research-extension linkage (Ponce, 2003).Strengthening seed sector development in Pakistan, Federal Seed Certification ; Registration Department (FSC;RD) is in the process of collaboration through different technical cooperation suggestions with China, Turkey, OIC, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Afghanistan, Australia, Argentine, Russia, Turkmenistan, USA, Malaysia, and Nigeria. Cooperation with ECO, D-8 Seed Bank, SAARC Seed Bank and FAO. The Ministry of National Food Security and Research has organized for Technical Cooperation Programme (TCP) between the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and Federal Seed Certification ;Registration Department (GOV, 2015).

Anyhow, there is not a single seed research center in Pakistan which have comprehensive coordinated programme for seed Research ; Development (R;D).


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