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The online news sources or modern media have become the inherited part of modern society.

The presence of new media has posed a challenge to the printed newspaper. Reader’s habits seem to be changing as users turn to the internet for free news and information. It is common at the present time to see people getting updates on the latest news from the internet rather than the traditional method of reading a newspaper. The alternate source of news and information is not only free but also acts as fast. The instant feature of the modern media was one of the smartest option for consumers to accept it globally. Moreover, the ample amount of information and news provided by the internet which is updated every few minutes is never expected to be enjoyed by the newspaper that is received only once in a day. One can get back to the same news or any other information without any struggle of sorting the stack of newspaper on a rack which sounds very much tiring.

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Over a decade almost 90% of daily newspapers in US have been actively using online technologies to search for articles and most of them also create their own news websites to reach new markets. Nodoubt, Newspapers remain an important source of news for several reasons. The first of these is that the older generation still prefers to read their news this way, which is because they have traditionally bought a newspaper over the years and so do not wish to change or simply do not know how to do so online in some cases.

Secondly, a newspaper also comes with other supplements such as magazines and sources of entertainment like crosswords. This makes it more attractive for some than going online. Moreover, Reading newspaper makes a good habit and it is already part of the modern life. This habit will widen our outlook and will enrich our knowledge.Newspapers are not environmentally friendly.

It takes tones of wood material, lots of electricity and many delivery tracks to produce and transport the papers. At the same time the Internet is rather ecologically safe, so producing printed periodicals doesn’t make any sense from the environmental point of view. Of course, the Internet requires a lot of technical products, such as computers, notebooks, iPads, and others, but producing of these electronic devices will grow despite turning newspaper’s production online. Newspapers sometimes come published with poorly printed text and images that can hardly be read or seen by readers. This makes it difficult to get the intended information because the news has already been published and cannot be recalled. Once they have been published, they cannot be changed or updated because of their nature. This makes them rigid in terms of news and information sources.

.First of all, to obtain information, using the internet is quicker and more convenient than reading newspapers. Contrary to the past when people had to wait long hours to take a daily newspaper, nowadays, they can acquire latest news updated every second through their mobile phones or computers connected to the internet, everywhere and at anytime. As can be seen, these devices and machines are very common in all parts of the world, making it easier for people to read a number of things that newspapers cannot provide in only some pages. Hence, the print media has failed to keep its important role in the provision of information.

Another point is that, from the economic aspect, buying newspapers appears to be a waste of money when the internet becomes available for everyone. It is clear to recognize that the internet service is being provided at a low cost or even free in many countries. The question arises as to whether or not a person spends an extra money buying newspapers to receive the same, even usually less information than those he can have with the internet? For this reason, the number of people reading newspapers may continue falling sharply, possibly leading to the close-downs of many in the coming time.The first advantage of online newspapers seems to be one of the strongest. It’s immediately accessible Instead of waiting for the newspaper in the morning we can easily go on computer, phone, or tablet to see what the latest news is.

This also includes things that have happened that day. Online news is currently circulating and changing allowing us to get the maximum amount of information in the smallest amount of time possible. Secondly, modern media news is more entertaining.

The news casts are energetic while broadcasting which receives a positive perspective from the viewers which gives them higher ratings. When we watch the news online we get a better visual image of what’s going on. They show actual photos and footage of the story which produces emotion to the audience. Meanwhile, newspapers are straight up boring.

These stories are printed out on grayish colored paper and the photos have limited color to them. A newspaper only shows maybe 1 or 2 photos per story that doesn’t give any type of emotion what so ever. Internet Media allows users to comment on content created by publishers. All comments are in real time. They enrich published content, and empower people to share views while the Traditional Media is tightly controlled. All communication is one-way, that is from the editor to the readers. Social Media is a truly convergent media. One can publish content as text, audio, video, graphics or photographs on Social Media sites.

The Traditional Media can work in only one format that is print. There is no convergence in the Traditional Media space. Traditional Media is based on the principle of one to many.

An Editor decides what news is, which news reports should be published in the day’s newspaper or which reports should be printed in the next day paper. The news consumers, that is the readers and viewers, have no role to play in the creation or dissemination of content. Modern Media, in contrast, is a media that works on the principle of many-to-many.

Any individual can create and share content. This makes the content creation process more democratic.Different people have different opinion of reading the newspaper. Some people would read the newspaper, because they like and they would find some interesting articles to read or something else. Other people would not read may be they do not know how to read or they would just get a newspaper and look at the picturesIn conclusion, the new media and traditional media are similar in their purposes, procedures and target audience. However, they differ in publication time, availability to networking and censorship. Although newspapers remain somewhat popular today, but will gradually be replaced by the desire to read the news through electronic sources. This may be a loss given their history, but unfortunately it is an unavoidable development.

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