Topic: BusinessStrategy

Last updated: March 18, 2019

The OJT or what we call “on the job training” is one method in college where students are given the chance to perform or apply the theories and computations learned from the university. It also helps in the growth of their attitude and working skills on a working environment. Colleges require students to undergo OJT within specific hours as part of the curriculum.
OJT gives the chance for students to deal with the work they might be encountering in the future. They could use the real tools, equipment and documents through the actual process of the work. The effect of this program will take effect on the development of the student as they are being used to their desired field and practice what they have learned at school.
It is a fact that the companies benefit on the OJT program, as they get additional manpower with fresh ideas into the organization at with low or no labor cost. Employers use internship strategy to recruit new employees. The students can contribute to the brainstorming sessions or research and eventually help in the company’s productivity.
Both the company and the students benefit from one another under this OJT program.


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