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Last updated: April 15, 2019

The next reason of separation of powers are none other than a device to make government saved for the governed. According to Montesquieu, “three department of government should be entrusted to different personal and each department should perform distinct functions within the sphere of power”. It is vital for each department to know their responsibility towards the people. Not only that, each department should exercise their function based on their scopes of power so that the fundamental rights of people are protected. By protecting the rights of the citizens, government should analyze and listen to the citizen’s need and come up with a solution. Hence, the people will feel save and will be able to live in harmonious life.

First and foremost, the most important priority for government is indeed education. Government has implement education policy and programs to provide an education to all children regardless their personal background. As matter of fact, children nowadays play an essential role to determine whether the country will rise or fall in the future. Therefore, the government spend more time and effort to enhance the importance of education so that it will produce a potential leader that is well-educated and has a high moral value. As a result, the potential leader will be able to continue to bring greater development and protecting the country from being colonize.

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Furthermore, meaningful opportunities for continuing education must be available to all people over the course of their lives, as jobs change drastically and the acquisition of knowledge accelerates. Legislative are known as to formulate law and policy. The legislative body will thus have to make policy and law in terms of education. It is essential for legislative body to invest in an entire infrastructure of child development from pregnancy through the beginning of formal schooling, including child nutrition and health, parenting classes, home visits and developmentally appropriate early education programs. This is undoubtedly will guide and mold the children into becoming a better person with high etiquette and valuable knowledge. As a results, there will be a great potential leader and generations to continue to improve our beloved country.

Last but not least, government should know every fundamental rights of the citizens to ensure no discrimination among races occur. The executives has implement several policy and law about fundamental liberties to ensure the every citizens with different background, has their own right. For instance, under Article 11, which is freedom of religion. It is clearly stated that every person has the right to profess and practice his religion and to propagate it. This policy is important for the citizen as they respect other religion and will be able to live in a harmonious life without the feeling of hatred towards each others. As a conclusions, it is important for each branch to exercise their functions so that the fundamental rights of the citizen and the country itself are protected from any harm.


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