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Last updated: July 19, 2019

The mutual relationship between animals and humans dates back to ancient times. Humans had, and still to this day, utilize animals when it comes to agriculture, hunting, food consumption, trade and even simply for companionship. Unfortunately, humans have also used them as a means of entertainment where animals are forced to fight or perform in harsh conditions. Horse racing, like greyhound racing, is animal cruelty disguised as entertainment.

Sporting events such as the Kentucky Derby generate a hefty profit from those in attendance while putting incredible pressure on the horses and jockeys alike. If traditional events such as the greyhound racing in Florida and the bullfighting in Catalonia could be banned, then the same can be done for events like the Kentucky Derby. A tradition dating back to 1875, the Kentucky Derby is a horse race that takes place in Louisville, Kentucky annually. It is considered the biggest race in the world with hundres of thousands of visitors from around the globe.

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The large attendance drew in a staggering $226 million dollars in 2018 with $150 million placed on bets at the Derby. While the race has a reputation of prestigious horses, high-stakes winning and fancy hats; there is a less glamorous side to it that is often overlooked. The main problems that plague the Derby were cheating, drug use, overbreeding, and horses being slaughtered or euthanize due to injuries or not meeting genetic qualifications for racing. Cheating or doping has had a negative impact on the horses and jockeys for several years. The main drugs that are being used on these horses are cocaine, heroin and steroids. Heroin and steroids are administered to these horses even at a young age by injections to the heart and lungs. The reason for these injections is to prevent the horses from feeling pain and becoming tired more easily when they are on the track. The drugs prevent oxygen from entering the blood stream at a high rate of physical activity and can cause the horses to break down on the track.

While the trainers have claimed that these drugs are meant to be natural energy boosters when they put too much stress on the horses. Another form of cheating that is subjected upon the horses are called toe grabs. Toe grabs are raised rims that are placed on the horseshoes that prevent the horses from sliding on the track.

Unfortunately, toe grabs add unnecessary stress to the limbs and can cause serious injury for the horses and their jockeys. Overbreeding is another controversial issue that impacts not only the sport, but the horses themselves. High-profile events like the Derby create a large demand for


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