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Last updated: January 29, 2020

The motion picture is about the narrative of Annie Sullivan’s struggles in instructing a deaf, visually impaired, and mute girl named Helen Keller. At the point when Helen Keller was just 19 months old, she gotten an obscure malady portrayed by the specialists at the time as “an intense blockage of the stomach and cerebrum, which may have been red fever or meningitis. The disease left her both hard of hearing and visually impaired.
As far back as her disabilities have occurred, she hasn’t spoken with her family. She frequently throws tantrums to get sweets just to be calm for some time. Her parents condone her actions. She can get her own food by getting it from the plates of others using her bare hands. All of this is with the pity looks of her family relatives.
She is very much cherished by her family however they think about her as an imbecilic child who will never learn anything. Mr. Captain Keller, father of Helen, had intended to put their child in an asylum. Mrs. Kate Keller, mother of Helen, did not concur on this. She asked Captain Keller to find other solutions for Helen’s situation. This is the part Ms. Annie Sullivan enters. She will be the teacher of Helen. Helen’s family needed Annie to show Helen how to behave properly. Be that as it may, Annie needed to go a long ways past what she is requested in light of the fact that she saw personality potential as a part of Helen’s personality. She trusted that Helen is a bright child.


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